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Coding and System Design Tutoring

Hey, I'm Shrey ! Nice to meet you :) I’m an experienced senior software engineer and tutor who can help you achieve your career goals and prepare for that oh-so-scary interview. Whether it is leetcode, system design, general coding, mock interviews or competitive programming that you need help with, I can work with you to guide you to success. Whether it is Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google or Microsoft, nothing is out of reach.

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My Story

My interest started with web development when I was 14 and then I transitioned to algorithms and data structures in high school. Completing my Bachelors of Technology in Computer Engineering in 2012 while participating in multiple coding competitions, I've been working in the industry with Microsoft ever since. I've moved around the globe from Hyderabad (India), to San Francisco, Seattle, and finally my favorite, Vancouver (Canada).

Now, as a senior engineer, I deal with designing products and their architecture within Microsoft and tutor folks across the continent (and then some) in preparing for technical interviews. In this world of leetcode, we all need help sometimes, and if that is you, or if you feel lost on any other preparation, I can definitely help you out.

Check out my LinkedIn at  -

Had a mock interview with Shrey where he was able to pinpoint my exact weaknesses. Highly recommend!

(Got through FAANG)


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