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My Process

There is no one size fits all.

After having tutored a lot of folks, I've found that it takes customization for each person to find the exact plan that suits their needs. Some people are great in coding, but need help with design, or vice versa. Some need help with soft skills.

My process starts off with setting up a free intro call with you. I hear you out, understand your goals and requirements. Then I give my suggestions in terms of what would be the best way forward and how I can really help you in your path to success.

By the end of the call we come to an agreement on the first steps, which usually comprises of me sharing some questions over email, that I ask you to solve without any hints or help. Honesty, of course, is what I expect here. Because you won't see any judgement on my part even if you can't write a for loop. 

From that point on, it gets into the custom space. For some people, I do mock interviews back to back in order to give them a true interview experience. For others, most of our conversation is over email (for which I don't charge anything). I keep giving you questions to solve. You solve them and then we do sessions to discuss any issues you might have faced or that I might have seen in your implementation. 

And we keep planning and going forward in a way that is most useful to you. There is no expectation of how many sessions you have to do with me. I do a lot of work behind the covers to support you, so rest assured that the charges per session are very reasonable. 

So hey, I'm here to help, if you are there to try! :) Let us get started!

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